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Published in the September 2010 Edition of National Mortgage Professional Magazine.


I have published an article that I think you'll want to read. The article provides the rationale for introducing a new term, which I have named the Compensable Services Fee, to replace the term Yield Spread Premium. The article is written in the form of a Proclamation.

As you may know, I have lectured on and written rather extensively about the Yield Spread Premium, for example:

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ALL THESE ARTICLES CAN BE FOUND HERE and were published in National Mortgage Professional Magazine, the mortgage industry's leading national magazine.

Now that the Yield Spread Premium (YSP) has gone the way of nature, and a credit has taken its place, perhaps it's time to make sure that the public understands that the credit, in whole or in part, provides payment for goods and services that the mortgage broker has actually rendered.

Or, to be blunt about it: notwithstanding politics and negative publicity, there is no RESPA Section 8 "kickback" when a mortgage broker actually furnishes and provides those goods and services and the compensation is reasonably related to the value of the goods and services actually furnished and provided!

The new Good Faith Estimate, which became effective January 1, 2010, reflects the change from YSP to credit.

But does the mortgage loan applicant actually know what the credit actually pays?

I am pleased to share this article with you. Special thanks to National Mortgage Professional Magazine for the opportunity to publish this Proclamation.

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Action Button Image 1Because the Yield Spread Premium is effectively gone from disclosure and the credit is to be used to partially or fully pay for the mortgage broker's services, a new term should be used to assure the public of the unique purpose of that credit, with respect to the goods and services actually provided by the mortgage broker.

Consequently, I would like to offer a new term to the industry to help assure the public's positive perception of the critical role played by mortgage brokers.

Behold my PROCLAMATION of a new term:

Compensable Services Fee!


Please read the PROCLAMATION and pass it around, so that mortgage brokers may explain to loan applicants, for educational and promotional purposes, that the compensation for their services are legitimately earned, legal, critical, and necessary to residential mortgage loan originations.

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