Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Monthly Mortgage Compliance - Semi-Annual Opportunity

Message from Jonathan Foxx, Ph.D., MBA 
Chairman & Managing Director
Lenders Compliance Group.

Twice each year, we open our doors to new clients to join our family of clientele that use our monthly mortgage compliance support. 

During this discount enrollment period, we discount our already low monthly flat fee. The timeframe to take advantage of this offer ends on March 31st

We offer the discount as an expression of our mission. Let me explain.

When I started Lenders Compliance Group in 2006, there were virtually no other mortgage compliance and risk management companies around. My idea was to offer a team of the top compliance experts at a fraction of the cost it would be to retain any of them individually. At first, it was rough going, because companies had become grudgingly dependent on high fees and high payroll costs. One by one, they joined us and in time Lenders Compliance Group became the preeminent compliance firm in the country.

Of course, soon the copycats popped up, jumping onto what they thought was a big money-making bandwagon. But I said then, as I say now, 'I welcome competition.' The hybridization of compliance firms mystified me at first, such as firms that offered boilerplate policies and procedures for next to nothing but slammed lenders with excessive monthly fees, law firms that previously had no mortgage compliance departments all of a sudden sprung up with their various "compliance divisions," and quality control firms that had no real mortgage compliance experience except for providing QC auditing yet parleyed their client list. Unfortunately, and inevitably, many lenders were chiseled, chastened, but happily came to us. 

Believe it or not - and I have said this many times - we choose our clients as much as they choose us. Not every client is a good fit, and just because they have a lot of money or clout does not mean they are right for us. We seek lenders that are serious about implementing compliance, not trying to find a way to twist a regulation into an unrecognizable shape. We'll sometimes modestly push the compliance envelope, but only so much! If you conduct compliance on the basis of a cost/benefit ratio, you're probably not a good fit for us.

I'm proud of what we've accomplished, and it all began with monthly compliance support. In effect, we become an extension of your office!

We now provide the largest range of compliance services - all of it hands-on, personal, and direct! But we will always stick by our vision to provide a safe and sound approach to monthly compliance.

So, what do you get as a monthly mortgage compliance client? This -

Low Monthly Flat Fee
On-going Compliance Support
Supervised by Directors
Subject Matter Experts
Unlimited Questions
Most Policy Documents
Secure Record Storage
Dedicated Team

If you are a lender that needs cost-effective regulatory compliance guidance relating to mortgage acts, rules, regulations, and Best Practices, and you are committed to safety and soundness, you should contact us. We'll provide independent, reliable, low cost, on-going support to your compliance team!

If you miss out on this opportunity for a reduced fee, we'll be providing the offer again later this year. The deadline is March 31st. But why wait? 

Just contact us and we'll send you a one-page presentation, and you can also speak with me or one of our Directors to discuss your compliance needs. 

If you're interested, we'll give you a simple form to complete that lets us know a little about your organization, so that we can send you an engagement proposal with appropriate pricing, staffing, and scope. We're usually able to get started immediately!

Click the sidebar button or feel free to contact us at your convenience via email, phone, or even leaving a voicemail. 

Phone: 866-602-6660
Voicemail: 866-255-6466

Wishing you all the best!