Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lenders Compliance Group Adds Two New Directors

I am pleased to inform you that Lenders Compliance Group, Inc. today joined forces with Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, LLP
Together, our two firms will build on existing tools, processes, risk assessment analyticals, and resources to provide a "best practices" approach to residential mortgage compliance.
This strategic alliance will offer the most comprehensive, hands-on, mortgage risk management guidance to the mortgage industry. 
I would like to tell you more about this exciting alliance.
Strategic Alliance
Lenders Compliance Group (LCG) is a nationwide risk management firm, and Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson (AGMB) is a national law firm.
Both firms offer regulatory guidance to members of the real estate and banking industries.  
LCG is a national company that is widely known to be a pioneer in outsourcing and auditing solutions for residential mortgage compliance. The organization consists of Directors, Group Administrators, Attorneys, Compliance Consultants, Former Federal and State Regulators, Credentialed Auditors, and Subject Matter Experts in all areas of mortgage risk management.
And Lenders Compliance Group provides a suite of services for all areas of mortgage banking, such as loan audit analytics, research, regulatory compliance guidance, loan origination channel and product development, mortgage quality control, and due diligence reviews.
AGMB has extensive experience in representing its clients in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate and lending transactions.  A significant portion of AGMB's practice is dedicated to advising its clients on compliance, licensing and regulatory issues. In particular, Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson represents mortgage banks, mortgage brokers, and real estate brokers on the vast array of laws and regulations which affect their businesses.
Two New Directors
Neil Garfinkel, named partner of AGMB and the head of its real estate and banking practices, is joining LCG as a Director of Legal and Regulatory Compliance and Real Estate Brokerage Compliance.
Michael G. Barone, head of regulatory compliance for AGMB, is joining LCG as a Director of Legal and Regulatory Compliance.
Comments: Neil Garfinkel
"After working with Jonathan Foxx on a variety of matters through the years it is clear that Jonathan and LCG provide a wealth of information and unprecedented access to mortgage risk management support within the mortgage banking and mortgage brokerage industries.
The procedures and requirements for originating residential mortgage loans are experiencing enormous changes and will continue to do so for many years to come. This alliance ensures that AGMB and its clients are well versed and represented, with respect to all regulatory compliance issues affecting their businesses.
We are excited to bring together our resources and provide the mortgage industry with 'best practices' solutions that strengthen our clients and the industry."
Comments: Jonathan Foxx
"Abrams Garfinkel is a well-respected leader in providing legal and regulatory counsel.
The mortgage banking and mortgage brokerage industries have needed appropriate, affordable resources to implement compliance solutions that reflect reliable and accurate best practices.
So this kind of alliance is somewhat unique to mortgage banking and mortgage brokerage. It offers a 'best practices' approach for our respective clients: top legal talent at AGMB who are experienced in mortgage banking and mortgage brokerage combined with top risk management professionals at LCG who are experienced in all areas of regulatory and mortgage banking compliance.
Our suite of auditing and due diligence services further supports these cost-effective efforts."
Some Thoughts on Best Practices
We all know that best practices are used to maintain excellence through self-assessment or benchmarking. But it is far more than that: to effectuate change a cultural shift often must take place within a business. Our clients respect best practices and seek ways to implement them. Compliance support and best practices are at the basis of bringing about a healthy and vibrant business environment.
However, the mortgage banking industry should continue to invigorate its commitment to best practices with respect to compliance solutions. It was with this purpose in mind that I founded the Association of Residential Mortgage Compliance Professionals, now at over 325 members. The ARMCP provides a forum for advocacy as well as a means to strengthen the mortgage industry from within. And I developed the CORE® matrix, now an industry standard that is used to evaluate the effectiveness of a financial institution's regulatory compliance implementation.
In this new stage in the continuing growth of Lenders Compliance Group, I am pleased to join forces with Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson, and I welcome Neil Garfinkel and Michael Barone, our two new Directors.
Together, we will continue to work toward providing the most reliable, residential mortgage compliance support to our clientele as well as to support the growth and stability of the mortgage industry.
Press Release
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Jonathan Foxx is the President and Managing Director of Lenders Compliance Group.